Video Wall Case Study

Rutherford Cancer Centre Brief

The first Rutherford Cancer Centre opened in Newport, South Wales in March 2017. Proton beam therapy became available in mid-2018. It was the first operational high energy proton beam therapy centre in the UK. Since the first centre opened in South Wales, three further centres have opened in Reading, Bedlington- Northumberland and Liverpool. The Rutherford Cancer centres offer patients proton beam therapy, state of the art radiotherapy, imaging and chemotherapy using the latest in cancer treatment and diagnostic technology alongside holistic supportive care.

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The Solution

Each centre benefits from a touch interactive video wall which in all cases are located in the reception areas of the centres.

Four 46” Samsung screens in portrait orientation make up the video wall, a multi point touch overlay on a single glass pane completes the digital display system. Behind the screens a Quad Vision programmable video wall controller manages the signals from TV, video and the internet, plus the local and centre specific information for each location. The video wall has straightforward user control by way of a back office web interface.

Each video wall required a tailor-made mounting frame, built by Quad Vision specifically for the purpose. The video screens are inset into the wall, the glass panel weighs 100kgs and sits at the front of the screens to enable the touch interactive functionality. The glass front section extends away from the screens for ease of access and maintenance.

The system provides visitors to the centre with a touch interactive digital tool for information finding and infotainment provision.

“We’re delighted to have partnered Rutherford Cancer Centres on this project to install Video Walls into the 4 UK sites.” Sanjay Saini

  • 4 x Ultra-Thin Bezel Video Wall Screens
  • Multi Point Touch Overlay on a Single Glass Pane
  • Satellite TV
  • 4 x Cat 5/6 Video Extenders to Allow Controller to be in a Different Location up to 100m Cable Run
  • Samsung UHD46 LCD screens
  • Quad Vision Video Wall Controller to Run Screens & Touch System
  • Frame Systems to Mount Screens & Touch Overlay
  • Control Screen for Controller
  • Single 46” Touch Screen or Screen with Overlay
  • Single Screen Mount System
  • Controller for Interactive Software & Touch Options

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