Meeting Room Solutions

Whether you’re looking for meeting rooms, large open spaces or lecture theatres, we work with key technologies to deliver the ultimate in audio and video experience.

Our key service offerings

High-Quality Conferencing Systems

Clear and reliable audio and video capabilities are crucial. Vizst utilises systems with HD video and advanced audio technology to ensure everyone can be seen and heard clearly. Our custom sound and acoustic solutions are considered across all of our solutions to ensure room aesthetics are considered as part of the overall design.

Multi-platform Integration

Our systems are designed to be compatible with various conferencing platforms (like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet) if required to allow flexibility in connecting with external parties. Vizst have developed our own control system for a seamless and customised compatibility experience.

Technical Support and Maintenance

We pride ourselves on our reliable customer support and maintenance services that are crucial for addressing any technical issues swiftly. Our support team are on standby to help support your solution should the need arise alongside our scheduled health check visits to make sure everything is configured optimally.

Why partner with Vizst Technology

We keep our customers at the forefront of all strategies and designs – ensuring we meet your business objectives. 

Our systems are designed to be user-friendly, with simple controls and an intuitive interface to minimise setup time and technical difficulties. By utilising a range of technology providers we can recommend, demo and install many of the leading technologies for your meeting room experience.

Our tailored training is designed to ensure employees get the support they need when using the room and connecting to the solution.

Combining our audio-visual expertise with our IT network expertise allows us to ensure that the solution can efficiently handle high network traffic and bandwidth demands, especially for high-definition video conferencing.

Let’s work together

We work with top technology vendors

Working with a number of best in class technology providers to design, install and support solutions for our clients ensuring the most optimal outcomes possible.

Case Study

UPL – Video Conferencing

UPL approached Vizst Technology to create stand-out video conferencing solutions for 11 rooms and offices across their new London HQ.

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What makes us the right choice

Improved Collaboration for Remote Teams: With the rise of remote and hybrid work environments, our high-quality audio is essential for ensuring that all participants can communicate effectively, regardless of their location.

Increased Meeting Efficiency: Good audio quality reduces misunderstandings and the need for repetition, enabling participants to communicate more effectively.

Increased Employee Productivity: This ease of use is critical for ensuring meetings start on time and run smoothly without technical difficulties. All of our systems are designed to be user-friendly, with simple controls.

Cost-Effectiveness: By enabling effective remote meetings, audio conferencing solutions can reduce the need for travel, saving you costs and time associated with physical meetings.

Making IT simple

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