Network Rail

The brief

William Garvey, suppliers of bespoke control room furniture and desks, approached Vizst Technology on behalf of their customer Network Rail.

At the Network Rail main signalling centre, signal operators’ monitor every level crossing with CCTV. As a train approaches, an alert sounds and the signalman are able to pull out a display screen in order to focus the picture and monitor the train crossing for safety purposes. The monitor mount has to withstand 1,000’s of movements and return solidly into the framework. It is vital that while the framework is solid, the joints must not wear out! As a result, Network Rail needed an extremely robust high-quality framework – solid enough to work with touchscreens. The custom digital display frames would need to support a large number of multi-sized monitors and fit around curved desks. It would need to provide the ability to bring forward any chosen screen to better see detail and allow horizontal swivel.

The solution

Vizst Technology designed and supplied a custom frame and mount solution using a bespoke modular frame system for the LCD screens.

This comprised of a bespoke monitoring system for the Network Rail signal operators’ using rows of LCD monitors with Large Format (LF) screens above – together with robust frames which were retrospectively bolted onto existing workstations and incorporated into new desks supplied by bespoke furniture makers, William Garvey. Designed to withstand 1,000’s of movements and retain precise movement, Vizst Technology designed a clever nylon bush system integrated into a custom-designed mounting frame.

Used in a mission-critical ‘signalling’ operation for trains, the Vizst Technology bespoke frame accommodates a large number of multi-sized monitors situated around curved desks. Holding a range of monitors and touch-screens, the frame allows operators to constantly re-position screens with accuracy and consistency. Vizst Technology recognised that normal concertina joints used in typical frames would sag over time. To ensure the monitor mount could withstand the 1,000’s of movements and return solidly into the framework, Vizst Technology designed a system using nylon bushes that allow the aluminum extrusion to glide smoothly without weak spots and provide the necessary longevity of service.

The custom frame and mount not only gives a very professional look to the office, but also allows the screens to ‘curve’ in line with the desks. This bespoke framework provides an ergonomic, strong and robust solution to Network Rail’s stringent requirements.

Key specifications

  • Custom design & build

Key features

  • Super strong/robust framework
  • Ergonomic
  • Semi-circular configuration
  • Ability to pull in/out screen
  • Usability
  • Dependability

“The system passed stringent tests of network rail vital for ensuring public safety.”

Sanjay Saini

Field photos