UPL Meeting

Rooms & Offices

The brief

UPL is committed to strengthening food security in over 130 countries by offering world-class technologies and solutions for sustainable agriculture production.

The team at UPL approached Vizst Technology to create stand-out video conferencing solutions for 11 rooms and offices across their new London HQ.

The solution

8 Person Meeting Room

This high-performing solution consists of a 75” wall mounted screen connected to a sleek looking Bose VB-1 video conferencing bar, providing a neat, single cable connection for a BYOD solution. 

Users can share their screen or join video conference calls on any platform.

Key specifications

  • 75″ wall mounted screens
  • Bose VB-1 video conferencing bar
  • Single cable connection for BYOD solution

The solution

3 Person Rooms & Hot Desk Rooms

The UPL office houses a multitude of 3 and 4-person meeting rooms. With a 120 degree field of view camera, the Bose VB-1 lends itself well to smaller rooms as well. 

We utilised the Bose video bar with a 50” wall mounted screen in each room, again with a simple single cable connection – standardising the BYOD connection solution in this office.

Key specifications

  • Bose VB-1 allows high quality microphone, camera and speakers
  • 50″ wall mounted screen in each room
  • Single cable connection for BYOD solution

The solution

Executive Offices

To provide a high end all-in-one solution for the each of the Executive offices, Vizst installed a 75” DTEN D7 screen on a Heckler Design AV Cart. 

This Zoom Room solution is used by UPL executives across the world and we further enhanced it by adding a separate Zoom Room Controller on the executive’s desk in the form of an iPad in the iPort Lux table mount.

Key specifications

  • 75″ DTEN D7 screen on a Heckler Design AV cart
  • Zoom Room solution
  • Zoom Room controller via iPad and iPort Lux table mount