Douch Family

The Brief

FC Douch are a family run company of funeral directors in Dorset.

They pride themselves on offering advice and support and have been established since the 1800s. FC Douch offer an outstanding service, with experience, compassionate and respectful staff and flexible solutions for all.

They recognised the changing requirements of their craft and wanted to create their own unique solution to enable the recording of funeral services as well as an solution to allow 2-way Audio Visual interaction for remote participants, enabling anyone to take part in a service.

The Solution

Audio Visual Streaming

The first iteration of this solution was to retrofit a Zoom Room system into the existing service chapel AV system.

The team at Vizst enhanced the room audio and display screen with the addition of a Zoom Room system consisting of a Yealink FullHD PTZ camera, 2 Yealink wireless microphones and a tablet-based Zoom Room Controller.

Integrating the two solutions allows the client to host and control the service via Zoom, displaying content and playing music both in the Service Chapel and online in Zoom.

Remote participants are able to watch and listen to the service live with the option to be invited to join the service themselves.

To allow for larger ceremonies, a digital signage Zoom Room was installed in the foyer. This can be automatically added to any Zoom service to allow the service to be watched in a second room at the site.

When not in use for services, the foyer screen reverts back to digital signage mode, providing informative content for their visitors and clients.

Key Specifications

  • Zoom Room system
  • Yealink Full HD PTZ camera
  • Yealink wireless microphones
  • Tablet-based Zoom Room controller

The Solution


The second iteration of this project was to install a completely new solution into the newly built service chapel AV system. This consisted of a number of technologies. This suite of technology provides a vastly improved performance and user experience for the Ferndown Chapel.

The selected technologies were carefully selected to enhance usability and improve the service delivered.

The implementation of a QSC control allows simplified audio controls and content sharing via a supplementary QSC touch panel linked to the Zoom Room Controller, whilst the QSC audio processing and speakers, Shure Dante gooseneck microphone with AMCPro amplifier provide an unrivalled audio experience for attendees, whether they are present at the service or connected remotely via Zoom.

For those hard of hearing, an Ampetronic-driven hearing loop was installed to ensure a fully immersive experience.

Teaming these technologies with a Zoom Room system consisting of a Yealink 4K PTZ camera, QSC DSP and tablet Zoom Room Controller, allows the client to both host and control the service, ensuring remote and physical attendees are receiving the same experience from the music played, to content displayed.

With future-proofing in mind, the system has been built with the potential to expand with further screens across additional function rooms to provide flexibility with room orientation, location preference and service capacity.

Key Specifications

  • Dual 65” 4K LG screens
  • 2-zone audio system – AMC Pro amplifier and QSC ceiling speakers
  • Shure gooseneck microphones in the service lectern utilising Dante AV
  • Roland video mixer
  • QSC Core for audio processing and control
  • QSC touch panel for system controls
  • Ampetronic C7 hearing loop system
  • Zoom Room controller tablet
  • Zoom Room PC
  • Client content PC
  • SY Electronics video distribution

Field Photos