The 5 Top Benefits of Using Microsoft 365

The 5 Top Benefits of Using Microsoft 365

As an organisation it is hard to keep up with the changes in Technology and update your current systems. Any tech refresh is time consuming, possibly business disrupting – what you need is Technology that keeps up with your needs, that is agile with no down time. This is why more and more organisations are turning to Microsoft 365. It brings together the best-in-class productivity capabilities that enable you and your employees to create, connect and co-author from anywhere, on any device while also providing you peace of mind through sophisticated security features to safeguard your business information from threats.

Not specific enough? Check out 5 of the top benefits organisations experience when using Microsoft 365 below…

Get More Done

Let’s unpack what we mean by Get More Done. With Microsoft 365 you get enterprise grade email, File storage for documents, a hub for teamwork, and the Office apps all working together so you can increase your productivity and grow your business with confidence. You’ll also be able to create your best work with intelligent tools​ built in to the Office you love and are familiar with like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and more. You’ll also be able to stay on top of all your work with access to all your files with online file storage.

Work Better From Anywhere

In our remote working world collaboration is more important than ever before, luckily Microsoft 365 has you covered no matter where the work takes you! When your employees have that sort of power at their fingertips, they can do more, with each other, to advance the goals of the business.  No more crowding around a lone office table.  No more project holds because of bad weather.  Now employees can work together form anywhere.

This is made possible with best-in-class productivity tools and applications that allow employees to work, meet, share, edit, save, and collaborate, through all their favourite devices, anytime, anywhere.

Work Better Together

One of the best tools in Microsoft 365’s arsenal is Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a hub for teamwork that brings together all your team’s chats, meetings, files, and apps, making it easier for you to collaborate and keep track of group projects involving your co-workers, customers and suppliers.  With state of the art co-authoring capabilities, you can Share and edit your files in real-time with your team from anywhere on any device. You can even Host online meetings in Teams to get work done in real-time! With one click, anyone inside or outside your company can join your online meeting. You can even Record meetings and use the whiteboard, to draw out ideas and work together to solve challenges.

By providing your business a central repository that your team can collaborate around, Microsoft Teams greatly simplifies and enhances group collaboration. It helps increase efficiency by helping your employees and customers get things done faster. In short, you get the work done.

Your Data is Backed Up

Disaster Recovery is definitely something you need to be considering, luckily Microsoft 365 efficiently and regularly backs up all your files in case the worst happens. Rest assured that if your psychical device, email or files run into any trouble, all your organisation files are safely backed up and protected, whether that be from loss or cyber attacks, in the cloud.

What you really get, in other words, is peace of mind that a file isn’t going to be magically lost or corrupted. The threat of information loss is what keeps you up at night, but with your files securely backed up in the cloud, and accessible only by you or your employees – even in the event of a lost or damaged device – you will never lay awake worrying about the security of your data again.

Your Data is Kept Protected

Security has always been important, but with the COVID-19 pandemic influencing a dangerous spike in cyber attacks across the globe it’s time we all start to focus on our own security practices. Luckily Microsoft 365 has your back with it’s incredibly robust security measures. Ensure unauthorised eyes cant access your files if any of your devices become compromised with two factor authentication.

In addition, the Threat Protection Features in Microsoft 365 scan each & every attachment coming in via email. It does a comprehensive, real time analysis of the behaviour of the file to determine its intent (whether normal or malicious), thereby leading to better intelligent protection against unsafe attachments that are the basis for phishing schemes and ransomware infections

While it would be ideal for employees to understand they shouldn’t click on hyperlinks sent to them from people they don’t know—or messages with other obvious red flags—it’s not realistic to think that all of them will avoid phishing schemes. Even your staff who understand that they shouldn’t click on hyperlinks sent from people they don’t know, could be easily fooled by today’s sophisticated phishing schemes. These features remove the guesswork by doing the check for you and protecting your users from clicking through to malicious or unsafe sites or the system takes users to a warning page before allowing them access to the link.

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