Video Wall Case Study

Freuds Brief

Freuds is a full-service communications and public relations firm founded in 1985 by Chairman Matthew Freud. Their London office showcases an amazing array of art and collectables called The Curiosity Wall. In addition, there is a 3 x 3 video wall which shows information about Freuds and also streams live TV. Freuds contacted Vizst Technology with a view to upgrading the functionality of their existing video wall. The existing controller made up from three separate parts was no longer delivering the user experienced they required.

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The Solution

The Vizst Technology team specified a brand-new Video Wall Controller coupled with the Vizst Technology User Interface, together this system would improve the user experience dramatically and create a high quality video wall solution that was worthy of the jaw dropping surroundings. The new controller allows for easy change of content, no IT wizards needed here! It also provided freuds with the ability to schedule and change remote content over the network. The system was further integrated with the existing sound system to great effect.

The increased capacity can capture 4 device feeds, 2 at 4K and 2HD. Overall the resolution has increased, with all screens running in HD resulting in a total high quality 9K resolution. Vizst Technology installed the new equipment, carried out the training and remain on hand for future support.

“We were delighted to work with freuds on this project and are thrilled with the end result. The Curiosity Wall is a tremendous installation further brought to life for visitors through the information displayed on the video wall” Sanjay Saini

  • QV Video Wall Controller
  • QV User Interface
  • Up to 4K capture
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Remote content updates

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