We’ve got Microsoft Certified Partner Gold Status!

We’ve got Microsoft Certified Partner Gold Status!

The team here at Vizst Technology are extremely proud to announce that we’ve officially been recognised by Microsoft with Microsoft Certified Partner Gold status for offering best-in-class solutions, skills and expertise delivering Cloud Solutions and Services to our new and existing clients. With this announcement we join a very small number of fellow IT Solutions providers in the UK who have reached the achievement of becoming Microsoft Gold Cloud Partners!

How did we achieve this?

Becoming a Microsoft Gold Partner is no simple task and is only awarded to those who can prove their competency. This is achieved in various ways, firstly our team had to undertake a number of complex exams provided by Microsoft (and obviously pass!) We were also required to pass sales and technology assessments as well as provide a host of high-quality client references to provide a real-world insight into our services.

“Since joining Vizst Technology, it has been my mission to see us move from being a Microsoft Silver Partner to Gold, as I believe it demonstrates both the value we offer our customers as well as the technical competency of our team to deliver high-end services, tools and guidance to our customers. I have been immensely proud to have headed up our operations during this time and see the level of professionalism and drive from our engineering teams to achieve certifications in technologies they know well.  The team, as always, surpassed expectations and have helped us achieve gold status in multiple competencies with many more lined up in the coming few months” Dan Warren – Operations Directions

How will our clients benefit?

It’s no secret that our world has been forced to switch to a virtual way of life during the COVID-19 pandemic and many organisations are now utilising the Cloud to enhance their working infrastructure. As a Microsoft Gold Partner we’ll be able to continue offering our clients industry leading knowledge with our best-in-class technological expertise and team alongside our unrivalled awareness of Microsoft products, continuous online technical training, support and tools from Microsoft themselves.

Join us for our Gold Takeover Week!

Obviously this is a huge accomplishment for us, so we wanted to celebrate in style! For five days starting February 22nd and ending February 26th we’ll be celebrating our Microsoft Gold Partner status with a Gold Takeover week! You’ll notice some changes across our website, signatures and social media of the gold variety. We’ll also be offering a VERY exciting promotion to help you join in on the celebration…

What is our Gold Takeover Week Promotion?

This is your chance to get in on the celebration! For the next 5 days, anyone who takes Microsoft 365 Security Monitoring as well as Microsoft 365 backup from us will receive a free license to Exclaimer Signatures for their entire team! Already take Security Monitoring & 365 Backups from us? Fear not as you’ll also receive this offer! Email is now one of the most important forms of communication across the globe due to the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore it is imperative you are making the most of it and putting your personal brand across in a professional way. This is where email signatures come into play, in a time where standing out is everything Exclaimer is here to take your organisations emails to the next level!

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Get in touch!

Interested in receiving our Gold Takeover Week promotion or need to speak to us about working with a Microsoft Gold Partner? Then please get in touch!
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