Fire and Rescue Service

The brief

The incident command training centre at Leicester Fire & Rescue service benefits from a unique training scenario system utilising a series of rooms.

These rooms all feature digital screens which depict different aspects of an ongoing incident for training purposes. Trainees have to evaluate the scenarios they face and take action accordingly. Their actions are monitored from the control room. Ian Batchelor, head of incident command training at Leicestershire Fire & Rescue was the brainchild of this system and with the help of Vizst Technology’s expertise assembled a truly unique and as close to reality as possible, training scenario which tests the individual reactions and responses in a controlled setting.

The solution

More recently we were told about a requirement developed for a new incident command observation and quality assurance platform. A place where the person undergoing the training could be observed and evaluated, remotely by a panel of people. Vizst Technology created the additional functionality by way of a 20-meter video extension.

Cable management, system design and installation were carried out by Ian Hamilton, Vizst Technology’s AV Systems Engineer. Ian Batchelor commented “We need to say a big thank you to Vizst Technology, our Strategic Coordination Group training would not have been possible without your assistance”.

Field photos