Meeting Room Case Study

Small Meeting Rooms & Offices UPL Brief

UPL is committed to strengthening food security in over 130 countries by offering world-class technologies and solutions for sustainable agriculture production. The team at UPL approached Vizst Technology for a number of Audio Visual solutions across their brand new, bespoke UK head office, including a WOW entrance Video Wall, and several Meeting Room solutions.

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Small Meeting Rooms & Offices Solution

The UPL office houses a multitude of 3 and 4-person meeting rooms. In these, we installed 50″ 4K screens for high quality display, alongside a Bose VB1 video conferencing bar. The Bose VB1 provides high quality microphones, camera, and speaker audio. The solution allows for one cable connection for video conferencing, including video, which can be network connected to be centrally managed. In addition to these rooms, we also fitted their 8-person meeting room with a 4K 75″ screen and a Bose VB1.

  • 3-4 person meeting rooms
  • 50″ 4K screens for high quality
  • Bose VB1 VC bar allows high quality microphone, camera and speakers
  • One cable connection for video conferencing including video
  • Can be network connected to centrally manage
  • 8 person room with a 75″ and Bose VB1

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