AV in 2023: What’s on the horizon?

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Last month, we had the pleasure of attending Integrated Systems Europe 2023 (ISE) in Barcelona – the world’s leading AV and systems integration exhibition!

ISE 2023 showcased the leading technology innovators and solution providers, by offering a variety conferences, events and experiences.

We left the 4-day exhibition inspired and even more excited for the future of AV and what’s to come in 2023 with further advances to help us connect and thrive in a digital world.

So, what products and advances in AV have got our team’s creative juices flowing? And what do they think will help you advance further?

Microsoft Advances

Microsoft Teams has changed the way we work and learn, connecting millions of people every day, and there are no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The need and want for products to help a seamless connection and interaction is wanted now, more than ever before – so what should you be considering for your business this year…?

Large Screen Systems

From the Neat Board 65” to the DTEN 55” and Yealink all-in-one large screen systems are perfect for meeting rooms (even the President of the USA uses the Neat Board 65” to make his conference calls)! An all-in-one large screen transforms a meeting room into a video-enabled collaborative space and can be managed centrally and efficiently with single cable connection, touchscreen controls and whiteboard functionality – as well as built in speakers, high quality microphones and cameras to ensure that everyone can be seen and heard.

Allowing a user to launch a meeting from their laptop it’s perfect for a busy meeting or a classroom setting the whiteboard functionality helps everyone come together and make meetings more interactive and engaging by letting users write notes, thoughts and ideas in no time, no matter where they are in the world.

Personal Devices

With popular devices like the Neat Frame and Yealink DeskVision A24, personal devices are perfect for workspaces that have a hot desk system or limited space, a personal device allows a high-quality ability to connect to meetings and calls on a small separate device.

Keeping your laptop separate for other tasks, it’s perfect for people who require a lot of systems operating in the background of meetings which can slowdown their laptop.

One consideration to a personal device is their limited functionality as a standalone Teams device compared to other AV devices on the market, so keep that in mind in your decision making.

All-in-One Video Bars

All-in-one video bars are very much like a sound bar you can find in some homes, these do differ however, by incorporating a microphone and camera into its design, appealing for those after an all-in-one device to plug into a display screen.

These are perfect for small to medium sized rooms, suitable for wall mounting, cutting down the need for multiple devices and cables with the ability to operate with remote control or on a tablet meaning for easy operation in any part of the room.

We wouldn’t recommend these for large scale spaces due to limited camera and audio range which can affect the user experience for people dialling in via Teams, who may not be able to hear or see the speaker. This is where an all-in-one large screens system would be more beneficial.

BYOD Functionality

All devices now generally have Bring Your Own Device functionality (BYOD), enabling staff to connect their own devices to AV systems, stay connected and share on the go.

A real consideration with this approach continues to be around security. With lack of uniformity and control in devices being connected to your network, it’s imperative to have a system in place to ensure you have control of what’s on your network.

Technology advancement and better performance

The audio visual world is changing every day which means our team of experts are continually investing in the latest technologies and training to ensure we remain at the forefront.

This means that we are best placed to help you decipher which AV products suit your business needs and will help you reach and exceed your business objectives in 2023?

To discuss your AV and technology needs and how we can help you contact us today to speak to our expert team on 03333 442204 or email us at marketing@vizst.com.

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