Why outsource your IT and Cyber Security?

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Now more than ever budgets are under even more scrutiny, across all departments of a business. With this in mind, it’s easy to think that insourcing functions such as IT, marketing and recruitment is the right call to keep a handle on your costs. But, there is a real argument for outsourcing these services.

Read on to discover some key benefits of teaming up with an outsourced technology partner for some or all of your IT and technology requirements.

Peace of mind around IT security

Internal IT have a lot of plates to spin and, with even the best team in place, it can be easy for these to slip. One area you cannot afford to have this happen is within your IT security. Threats and breaches cost businesses thousands of pounds and every organisation is a potential target, so we all need to be alert and prepared. By partnering with a security expert, you will not only have an external team in place to handle issues as they arise, but, more importantly, you benefit from the proactive prevention through Security Operations Centre (SOC) and pre-emptive scanning which a reliable security partner will provide.

Plug skills gaps within your IT team

As an in-house team, it’s always a challenge to keep up to date with the latest developments, whilst keeping on top of your team’s day-to-day projects – and this is no different within the technology space. With countless vendors, technologies and updates being churned out on almost a daily basis, it’s unrealistic to expect your team to keep ahead of the curve of all of these.

By partnering with a technology expert, it is their job to stay ahead of the latest updates across all technologies and vendors. They will have dedicated teams for specific technologies or solution pillars, and they are required to complete all training, staying up to date with the latest use cases, making them best placed to advise you. You’ll get the benefit of a much larger team without having to invest in the increased headcount in house.

Focus your internal resource on the right projects

One frustration that comes up again and again with IT Directors and business owners alike, is the repetitiveness of the same issues appearing again and again. Users raising the same tickets meaning that their IT team are taken away from their focus projects, having to deal with these same tasks.

Using outsourced IT support, you can offload these annoyances and free up your team to focus on their higher-level projects.

Deliver the best ROI for your IT investment

It’s no doubt that a key benefit of an outsourced partner is the ability to scale the resource required – ensuring you are using your IT budget in the most efficient way.

As well as this flexibility, be sure to work with a partner who offers in-house financing and leasing options which will also help you manage CapEx and your cashflow.

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