Zoom Rooms


Zoom Rooms are dedicated meeting room video conferencing solutions. They consist of high-quality audio and video equipment, controlled using a tablet and/or a touchscreen. Optimised for Zoom cloud services, these rooms delivery high quality video, audio and presentation capabilities. Audio is as good as video with voices that are crisp and clear. Joining or starting a meeting is done quickly and easily at the touch of a button.

A typical Teams Room will consist of the following hardware:

LCD Display(s), Projector or Large LED Displays
PC running Windows 10
Camera – PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) or Fixed
Microphone(s) – Tabletop, All-in-one soundbar, ceiling – beamforming
Speakers – Wall mounted, ceiling, All-in-one soundbar, screen speakers
Touch panel or tablet for control

Solutions can be implemented in rooms and spaces of all sizes:

At Vizst we create Zoom Room solutions using Zoom certified video conferencing equipment to ensure the very best experience. Zoom Rooms make it easy to connect a group of people sharing one physical space with people remotely, connecting dozens, or even hundreds of people.

Benefits of Zoom Rooms:

High-quality audio and video
Interactive white boarding with screen sharing and annotation. (This allows for easy communication as if participants were in the room together)
Wireless Content Sharing
Simplified Scheduling
Easy to use
Cut the cords and clutter of Conference Rooms
Centralised Room Management – you can manage everything simply from 1 single portal.

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