Infoblox BloxOne™ DDI

DNS | DHCP | IP Address Management (IPAM) tools for On Premise, Remote Sites and Remote Workers with security and simple management at the forefront of the solution.

What is Infoblox BloxOne™ DDI?

Infoblox BloxOne™ DDI is a subscription-based hybrid cloud solution that provides scalable, reliable, and fault-tolerant DNS, DHCP, and IPAM services across thousands of locations. It is the industry’s first cloud-managed DDI (DNS, DHCP, and IPAM) solution optimised for large-scale retail, remote and branch office deployments. Vizst Technology delivers secure, reliable, and centrally-managed DNS, DHCP, and IPAM services across each location using Infoblox DDI technology. You can deploy BloxOne DDI across thousands of sites and reduce the total cost of ownership by leveraging low-cost hardware, virtual appliances, license pooling, and license portability.

Infoblox are the market leaders in DDI (DNS, DHCP & IPAM) & Security solutions. At Vizst Technology we provide organisations with visibility, control, automation & security of their network. Infoblox knows who is on your network, where, what they are doing, what device, IP address, MAC, OS and through our integrations, we help empower organisations to realise the full advantages of modern networking today, while maximising their existing infrastructure investments.

DNS, DHCP and IPAM Services

Cloud Managed or Locally Hosted
Authoritative and Recursive DNS
DNS Security
Cloud Managed or Locally Hosted
Cloud Managed or Locally Hosted
Cloud Managed or Locally Hosted
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Vizst & BloxOne™ DDI Key Capabilities

Vizst Technology are trusted partners of Infoblox and have an experience team of engineers, architects and service desk members to help your organisation implement your DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management solution with a thorough approach to design, planning, implementation, training and aftercare support.

Consistent, centralised UI
Consolidate management via a unified UI for DNS, DHCP, IPAM, DNS Traffic Control and DNS Security
Automated device discovery
Find all devices connected to the network. Convert discovered objects into managed objects
Workflow automation
Use customisable workflows to automate a broad range of IT processes you currently perform manually
Custom reporting and alerting
Gain versatile reporting and alerting capabilities for devices, IP addresses and other network assets
Customisable templates
Rapidly configure new services and reduce configuration overhead
Flexible metadata tagging
Employ extensible attribute metadata tags to identify key IP resources and to organise and share data more effectively
Identity mapping
Match Active Directory users to IP and MAC addresses to quickly analyze resource users, and troubleshoot networkand user-related issues
DHCP fingerprinting
Identify device properties like operating system and device type using DHCP options
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Infoblox BloxOne™ DDI Key Benefits:

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Simplify and automate IT management around DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management
Enhance Network Visibility
Scale Elastically
Minimise Downtime
Ensure better end user experience
Boost productivity for remote locations and workers
Clearer insights
Unify core networking
Accelerate DevOps
Manage from a single control panel

How Can Infoblox DNS, DHCP and IPAM Services Help You?

Head of IT Operations

Works with CTO to identify business goals, and Architect to identify solutions. Ultimate owner for operations & security.

Owns business transformations and service improvements, while maximising resources and minimising disruptions.

Ongoing stakeholder demands and unclear req’s. Limited time and budget, rapid technology changes & lack of visibility across environment & security.

Cost-efficient, deployment, management and control of core services for expanding enterprises, with minimal resources.

IT/ Network Manager

Plans, builds & manages optimised networks, executes against IT strategies, translating to technical designs.

Develop infrastructures that maximise ROI, while balancing innovation with the reliability needed to conduct business.

Building resilient networks that support business strategies. Meeting expectations, and emerging requirements with limited resources.

Centralised control of high-performance DDI for reliable, efficient and resilient mobile, loT and SaaS environments.

Network/ Engineer Administrator

Installation, configuration, and ongoing management of networking equipment, responds to issues and helpdesk tickets.

Faster response to problems to improve uptime: Want familiar tools to easily find & fix problems – before tickets get raised.

Resolving problems without adequate visibility and insight. Adds, moves & changes are manual & time consuming

Comprehensive (one-stop) solution to ensure reliable, efficient and resilient connectivity for today’s environments.

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Find out some common questions we’re asked about Infoblox BloxOne™ DDI

We use Windows DNS & DHCP. Why change?

DNS and DHCP running on Windows Server can be adversely affected by other server processes (e.g., print, file, email), system maintenance, or human error. It also requires on-site administration, which may not scale over many distributed locations.

What are the benefits of cloud management?

Cloud management provides a single interface for consistent policy creation and deployment, administrative reporting, rapid updates, and useful templates for administering services and sites at scale.

Is BloxOne DDI available as a perpetual license?

No, BloxOne DDI is only available as a subscription-based licensing solution, ensuring ongoing access to the latest enhancements and updates for growing environments. There is no need to spend time managing & upgrading dedicated servers, freeing up resources for more value-creating activities.

Does the increased focus on BloxOne DDI mean NIOS is going away?

No. BloxOne DDI is optimised for the management of distributed environments. NIOS and Trinzic are designed for larger on-premises deployments, including datacentres. NIOS and BloxOne DDI continue to co-exist as complementary solutions.

How about /SP-based DNS for remote sites?

ISP DNS often lacks external service monitoring and visibility-blinding an organisation to the nature of outages and their resolution. Integrating branch office and enterprise DDI is essential for corporate-wide policy automation and visibility.

Why aren't SD-WAN solutions good enough?

Moving between point solution interfaces for critical services is time-consuming and error-prone. It also results in multiple learning curves, update cycles, and processes. Integrated solutions such as BloxOne DDI provide centralised visibility, management, and control to avoid these issues, allowing more efficient management of distributed environments.

We backhaul to a central/regional datacenter for DNS/DHCP services. Why change?

Any outage, latency, or congestion in the backhauled connection can impact DNS & DHCP services, connectivity, and business processes. If users are accessing cloud-based services, the ‘routes’ provided by data centre based DNS may not direct them to the closest point of presence (POP), which results in poor response times.

How does BloxOne DD/ work with BloxOne Threat Defence?

Both are cloud-based applications built on the BloxOne platform and designed to work seamlessly together. BloxOne DDI provides core network services (i.e., DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management), and BloxOne Threat Defence provides next level network and data security. The offerings combine to deliver a comprehensive and scalable solution for today’s distributed environments.

What about NS1? Is this a viable option?

NS1 is known for External Authoritative DNS and is expanding into related areas. Infoblox has 20 years of experience in this space, providing rock-solid stability, the highest performance and broadest ecosystem in the industry. Who else should you trust with your network’s core services?

What our clients said about Infoblox BloxOne™ DDI

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