Video Wall Case Study

Royal College of Surgeons Brief

Based in London, The Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS) is the largest global provider of surgical training, with over 20,000 members in the UK and abroad. With total focus towards improving patient care, RCS delivers training programmes and courses to surgeons throughout their careers. RCS contacted Vizst Technology to discuss how state-of-the-art technology could improve live in-theatre training for surgeons. Their requirement was for a highly flexible video wall that could display content from live video camera feeds as well as enabling conventional inputs such as PC’s and laptops to deliver presentations (e.g. PowerPoint). As well as requiring interactive touch screen functionality, RCS wanted the ability to configure content either as a single image across an entire training wall or as individual multi-content tiled images, with or without external content such as PowerPoint presentations.

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The Solution

A large feature video wall was constructed comprising 9 x thin bezel LCD monitors configured in a 3 x 3 format. The functionality was achieved by developing a data wall controller with multiple inputs that could be switched via an AMX master controller. This enabled touch screen control plus allowed video and pictures to be displayed on part or the entire data wall. Live video feeds come from a main theatre installed with 5 stainless steel operating tables.

The requirement for The Royal College of Surgeons was versatile and complex. The exact combination of Vizst Technology’s software, technology and programming allows for highly accurate monitoring – vital for training for these life or death situations. A demonstration can be displayed across the wall with inset screen(s) showing the detail. A camera is positioned at each station so that the surgical tutor can switch to see any nominated station and oversee what each student is doing. As well as providing the video wall solution, Vizst Technology designed and installed a bespoke framework to support the 9 x screens, together with on-site commissioning of the final solution.

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