Digital Signage Case Study

Clues Fashion Brief

Since 1988 Clues has been a pioneer in the young fashion shopping experience. Offering a wide range of styles and looks from streetwear and formal to edgy inspired young fashion and all things in between! Clues had found themselves in a situation where they were continually printing promotional graphics for window display, season to season, offer to offer, a new set of posters had to be designed, printed and posted. Not only was this costly, the team also felt it was hugely wasteful in terms of printed materials limited flexibility for re-use.

They sought out an advertising and customer engagement solution that was permanent and flexible. Something that would allow them to display current and future promotions to their customers, grabbing their attention as they passed by the store. A digital signage solution was the innovative answer.

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The Solution

The innovative solution came in the form of a free-standing kiosk style video screen from Vizst Technology. With a large, eye catching 50” HD screen, the kiosk provides a neat, compact and flexible method of displaying Clues branded promotional material in a highly visual and engaging way.

Promotional and marketing content is managed by their existing web and graphic designer and is done so remotely. Changes to material can be timed and scheduled to coincide with the time of day, the day of the week or seasonal offers such as Valentine’s Day, Black Friday or New Year Sales. All at the touch of a keyboard. The complete ease of updating this digital display system was one of the key factors in the decision to purchase. Wallboard Display is Vizst Technology’s recommended software and works really well here, allowing updates via the Cloud and ease of expansion to incorporate future additional equipment.

Clues Fashion chose a free-standing unit over a more traditional display screen due to its flexibility. The unit can be easily moved to the most suitable place, depending on what is happening in store at the time. The kiosk style unit is a fantastic solution for maximising floor space in a retail operation as it takes up so little space and is a solid and robust piece of equipment.

As can be seen from the photos, the digital signage display lights up the adjoining passageway, providing a head turning display, catching the attention of passing foot traffic and encouraging them to visit. The team at Clues are so delighted with the digital signage solution; they are now considering a digital display for the street facing front window. Watch this space!

  • 50″ HD screen
  • Retractable feet
  • Wallboard scheduling software
  • 24/7 commercial use
  • Android
  • USB plug & play
  • Low power consumption

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