Happy Birthday Vizst!

Happy Birthday Vizst!

A year of being Always Connected. Always Protected. Always Supported.

It’s been a year since Vizst Technology was born; formed of three thriving technology businesses, ITSB, Quad Vision and Data Integration, Vizst Technology was created to provide industry-leading service with an enhanced product portfolio to businesses across the UK.

With our Head Office in Poole, and additional offices in London and Newbury, Vizst supports SMEs, enterprise and public sector organisations with technologies and strategies to enable and improve business performance.

This first year of the business has been a productive and exciting one and we wanted to take the time to reflect and share our key wins over the past 12 months.

Customer Retention

Not only have been seen significant growth in both revenue and profitability of the business (which is no mean feat in the first year!) – we are most proud of our 100% customer retention. To not lose any customers over the last 12 months is a testament to our astonishing team, impeccable customer service and innovative, strategic thinking to ensure we solve real problems for our clients – keeping their teams and customers connected and their businesses secure. What’s more, we are currently operating at a 4.96/5 customer satisfaction rate!

Marketing & Branding

With a new business, comes a new requirement for brand differentiation and over the last few months, we’ve worked tirelessly to build our brand identity, positioning Vizst as a trusted technology partner; providing customer-focused expertise, practical technologies and unrivalled support to elevate your organisation. Not only this, but our dedication to both new and existing customers has led us to build a brand new, in-house team of sales and marketing supporting Account Managers.

Our Vendor Agenda

To continue to offer the very best solutions for our customers, it’s imperative that we keep up to date and ahead of the curve with all technologies and solutions. To support this strategy, we’ve worked hard on solidifying our relationships and aligning with the very best vendors and distributors. We have completed a record number of co-branded marketing strategies through MDF budgets, and alongside this, our team have achieved over 25 vendor accreditations and sat over 70 exams to continue to enhance our service offering.

Culture Committee

We understand that the success of our business depends on the dedication, knowledge, and talent of our people. We are committed to continual investment in our growing team and ensuring that Vizst is a business that they love being a part of.

To make sure this really hit the mark, we put this in the hands of our employees.

This year has seen the inception of the Vizst Culture Committee, which is made up of representatives of each area of the business and this collective is the voice of our employees. Amongst many initiatives, the committee are responsible for creating and spearheading our company values.

It was important to us that these values were devised by our employees – not our Board. This process resulted in 6 key principles that the whole company believe in and support.

Investing in our People

We are committed to continual investment in our team and strive to create an environment that challenges them every day, cultivates their skills and offers ample opportunities to grow and develop – both professionally and personally.

Over the past few months, we have made it a priority to ensure that each employee has a tailored personal development plan to progress in their role. We also encourage and fund external training courses. As well as this, several masterclasses have been developed by our employees, on their specialisms, and then presented to the wider team to increase knowledge across all disciplines.

Through our in-house training platform, our team have completed over 950 courses in the last 12 months, and have a longer term strategy in place to ensure this continues.

We’ve also had 19 additional hires, from technical specialities to sales and marketing expertise to continue to spearhead growth within the business.

A Message from our CEO

“We’re fiercely proud of the development and progress the business has made over the last 12 months, and we have no intention of slowing down. This growth is testament to our team, our expertise and our customer-focused thinking which ensures we continue to add value to their organisations.

With the wealth of different skillsets, multi-sector experience and outstanding track record of customer service, there is no stopping us and I can’t wait to see where we’ll be in the next 12 months!”

Richard Betts, CEO

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